In 2003 Craig, a manufacture engineer, made his journey from England to Australia. Met me, Priscila, chef from Brazil, I must say it was love at first sight.
Together we traveled around the globe. After happy and endless days of travelling, we were so inspired to create something special and unique. Thus deciding to settle in Manly- Sydney- Australia to start our new adventure.

In 2005 Pulseiras was born out of love of traditional handcrafted objects and desire to create. We built a label which has its heart based on connection, sentiment and originality.

We design and make every piece by hand using traditional techniques and materials combined with contemporary technology.

All our Ecobangles™ core are handcrafted out of wood from ethical and sustainable sources. We then apply our designs by adopting the 18th century art form of  decoupage and finishing off with a highly protective coating.
Other materials we use in our jewellery designs are recycled sterling silver and glass. We love to "play" and explore with different materials and techniques.
We feature dynamic, arty and responsible jewellery and accessories. Our goal is to create timeless product with fine regard to detail.
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