Passion: To be happy you have to follow your passion. Here at Pulseiras we are passionate about the work we do and the items we bring you. Every item is made with care and attention to every detail to ensure the item reaches you in perfect condition

Relationships: We believe everyone has the right to be treated kindly, with respect and in a fair way. Therefore we make sure we only use manufacturers that share the same values. This means every person involved with bringing our product to life is treated with respect, works in  safe, clean conditions and receives a fair pay.

Community: As a small business ourselves we understand how important it is to support and keep the small businesses industry alive in the community. The partners we work with in manufacturing our items are small, family run and based in Australia. We strive to achieve long lasting relationships with our suppliers that are mutually beneficial and rewarding. 

Enviroment:  At Pulseiras we think it is important to be eco friendly wherever we can. We only use recycled paper and wood in our products. 

By working closely with our supply base and having it close to home we are able to make to order thus we have extinguished the need for excess stock which creates unnecessary waste and landfill.




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